Pat Grillo, Stephan Tallent, Ed Moss, Bob McCoy, Jay Garcia

This photo was taken at the 2018 charity golf outing. It depicts Pat Grillo and a few others. Stephan Tallent was responsible for building the FortiVet program within Fortinet and Jay Garcia is the Program Administrator. The FortiVet program provides free network security training as well as life skills training to military veterans, while also helping them to find careers within the IT security space. Atrion both leverages the FortiVet program to find candidates and regularly recommends the program to our customers who are looking to hire. Although Stephan looks like a military veteran, he didn’t serve, however, his father was an Admiral in the US Navy. Jay Garcia is a veteran with the USMC. Ed Moss is the Korean War veteran from another picture above, and Bob McCoy was a WWII Veteran.

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